Top 5 Useful But Lesser known Content Promotion Platforms for Your OutReach Campaigns

Simply writing high-quality content does no good for your business. It needs to get in front of your targeted audience. So, once you have hit the publish button on your blog, your next step must be to promote your content on relevant platforms

1. BizSugar

BizSugar is a niche social platform for small businesses. Community of entrepreneurs and small business owners use this platform for social sharing, bookmarking and collaborating.Content that gets submitted on this site goes through moderation process and only high quality content gets approved. Users can vote (‘sugar’) for their favorite articles. The blog post that manages to gain sufficient sugars is published on the homepage.It is an effective platform to promote your content and drive qualified traffic back to your business website.

2. Pingler

Pingler is a free tool that lets you manually ping your articles to an exclusive list of ping resources. This will let search engine spiders crawl your article and rank it higher on search engines. Ranking high on SERPs will help you gain maximum exposure for your content.

3. Klinkk

It is considered to be one of the best blogging communities for getting targeted blog traffic. Once registered, this platform allows you to promote your content, vote on any blogger’s article that you find interesting and even save favorite articles to your profile.  Just like search engines, if your article gets featured on the first page on this platform, expect to see large amount of traffic on your blog.

4. GrowthHacker

This is one of my favorite promotional platforms. It is a community of growth professionals. On posting high-quality articles, questions and comments on this platform, you will get attention of large number of people. But at the same time, if your content is of poor quality, your submissions will be removed or not approved.

5. Triberr

Triberr is an incredible platform for increasing targeted web traffic to your blog. It basically is an influencer marketing platform for bloggers and marketers to create targeted tribes for reading and sharing content that interests them.

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