Pros and Cons of Influencer Marketing

Influencer content is content that is created in collaboration with subject matter experts and industry authorities—influencers. As a content marketing tactic, influencer content aims to reach new or larger audiences by leveraging the credibility and social followings of those experts.

Pros of Infuencer Marketing

Influencer content programs are proving to be one of the most effective marketing tactics around. Here are some of the benefits of using influencer content as a content marketing tool:

  • Influencers are trusted by their followers and they can lend major credibility to a brand.
  • Influencer content allows you to tap into trusted authorities’ audiences and reach more people.
  • While influencer marketing can involve paid agreements with influencers, a lot of times influencers will market your content for free if it’s good quality and useful to their audience.

Cons of Influencer Marketin g

While influencer programs can be wildly successful, there are some downsides to consider before adding it to your content marketing strategy. Here are some of the downsides of influencer content programs:

  • Influencer programs are all about relationship building and then nurturing those relationships, and that is incredibly time consuming.
  • While influencers have an engaged following, that doesn’t guarantee your message will resonate with their following.

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