How to Increase Website Traffic By Content Relaunching

Relaunching old content offers is simply taking your existing content and reworking it to fit different learning styles and alternative channels. It supports the offer and often serves to drive traffic to it.

1. Step 1: Identify your weak content

Check tools to figure out which piece of content in your website is not performing well. Once you are able to find out the weak content, you can take decision of content relaunching.

  • Benefits of content relaunching:
  • · Reach new leads through different mediums and channels.
  • · Choose content in which you have expertise.
  • · Maximize your efforts by working smarter, not harder.
  • · A cost effective and time saving process.

2. Step 2: You need to update & improve said content

 If you are a content writer, you can write the content pages yourself. In other situation, you can hire a content writer to write for you and update your website.

  • How to improve your existing content
  • 1. Updated Images and Screenshots
  • 2. Improved The Post’s Structure
  • 3. Added a New Case Study
  • 4. Address Common Reader Questions
  • 5. Add Bonus Steps
  • 6. Write compelling story

3. Step 3: Time to Relaunch

When you are ready with aforesaid things, you can relaunch. Before relaunching, you should change the date. And share the post with the maximum social handles to increase outreach.

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