How much Can Instagram Influencers Charge Per Post

To get some perspective on this, conducted a study of over 500 top influencers on Instagram in order to determine their average earnings per post, the industries in which they’re generating the most money and how those pay rates relate to follower counts and engagement metrics.

1. Avg Price Per post for each niche

Modeling and photography niches are leading in Instagram. But positioning brand into the post in those niche will be slightly difficult. So, You Would be getting  more than 2 correction from the brands before they approve your post

2. Avg Number of Followers for Each Niche

Ofcourse, Instagram is the photo sharing network. So, modeling and fitness always lead.

3. How much They Charget per post

The averge charge per post is less than $100. If you have more than 10K followers you can charge more than $500. the cost depends on the niche which you are choosing

4. Engagement Rate , By price per post

Micro influencers who has less 1000 followers engagement rate is far higher than celebrity influencers who charges much more than micro influencers

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