5 Creative Marketing Ad Campaigns You Have To Watch

These 5 creative marketing ad campaigns (arranged in no particular order) you will watch next are quite different. They will put a smile on your face, a tear in your eye or make you go "That’s a really smart idea." Have fun watching and do share this with a friend who needs some inspiration in their lives.

1. S-Oil – Here Balloons

The idea is to tie a simple balloon in the middle of a parking spot. When a car parks into the spot, it will pull the balloon down as it parks over the balloon string. Similarly when the car exits the lot, the balloon will float freely in the air, to be seen from afar for the next parking-seeking driver.The idea is simple, effective and allows drivers to associate this oil-saving practice with the company behind the idea, S-Oil.

2. Volkswagen – Fast lane

Volkswagen invites you to take the fast lane why is way faster than the stairs, and even the escalator. Commuters who want to take the plunge get to slide down the red slide built right next to the staircase, and try to briefly live life on the fast lane, and be the envy of those who took the escalator instead.

3. E-mart – Sunny Sale Campaign

Competition in the household shopping department is big business and in South Korea, QR Codes have been used in the subways to help shoppers shop while en route to work. E-mart however has a different problem, a low number of shoppers during lunch hour, 12pm to 1pm. Their solution: a 3D QR Code activated by the ‘noon’ Sun.

4. Volvo – Suspensions & Speedbumps

At the entrance of car dealerships in this particular example, a softer, air-filled version of the regular speedbump is installed. Drivers who expect things to get bumpy was surprised to not feel the expected rise and fall. They were then greeted with a strategically placed sign promoting the use of Volvo’s suspension system.

5. Coca-Cola – Small World Machines

Coca-Cola’s marketing techniques with their vending machines then you are going to be treated with one of their many amazing ad campaigns. This one is the Small World Machine campaign where Coca-Cola unites their fans in India and Pakistan for brief moments of fun and a good time.By setting up camera feeds connected in real-time and a touchscreen vending machine that spews out instructions, friends in Lahore, Pakistan and New Delhi, India connect with gestures, waves and dance — in exchange for free Coke.I bet participants took away than a thirst-quenching drink from that exercise. It’s a small world after all.

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